another yeah…

another year drifts well spent on by. distant past it’s memories soon to be… wow! what a year!!!

thanks,??jon sanders,?rod redgrave,?al griffith, jono lonie, dave khan, toni geiling, pacific curls, myles o’reilly? & aidan , chris priestly, ben reel, ted & ro, bex, eoin & ilonca, scott O, martin, jerry, steve bro, kila, roger & hilary, seldom sober co, ian simpson, gina, bede & carp, mark & kelly, the beattie family, brodie, the robertson family, dave smith, mazey, bluekeys, rick & dori, todd & pip (all the best!), caley, cat tunks, wazza, ben, robbie, gordy, the rest of my friends and family (and many others) for makin’ it a year well worth remembering for i…

highlights have been numerous and had i not lost my diary in the UK? somewhere i’d be able to recount more faithfully more of them. the main ones that spring to mind however are – the pacific curls tour in march, a very cool mission with some great people – tour de franklin, again a great bunch of crew giggin around the franklin district – and the tour of UK, Ireland & Germany with jon and toni..

the recent series of shows with Jon -Sanders Alley- back here in NZ has been great (thanks to our hosts and venues in the coro-kerikeri micro tour) and the sunday 13th? show at ‘the bunker’ in devonport with Dave Khan & Jon possibly rated as one of the most enjoyable gigs i’ve played in this lifetime though there of course have been many of those..

anyways.. to all of ye out there, all the best for the festive season and a mighty 2010 to yaz. look forward to seeing y’all out there


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