a Clare Inn trad sesh classic..

a good weekend by my reckoning the one just past… a mighty fine gig with Aron and Neil out at Charlie Farleys in Onetangi got the place thumpin with three?singer guitarist types and a stomp box to stomp.. loverly!?the ferry ride to and from Waiheke on a good day never fails to leave one in a state of contentment…

then last nite, guitars, slides, tuners, folders,?plucktrums, harmonicas and the like in the car?i hed on up the motorway to Dominion road to see what the nite holds for us at the Clare Inn… walking in to find Kenny and Nigel there aboot ta have dinner one gets the impression that a good nite is in store…. slowly surely the regulars shuffle in with cases full of tinkering tings wit strings and reeds or holes or skins for thappity thappyin’… and into it we tentatively totter… tentative lasts but a small while as soon the tunes hum?tremendously along.. five or so fiddles two mandolins, two Uillean pipers, a?whistler & flautist, a majestic harp even! a trusty bodhranor?& three guitarists… (usually at least one knows what the hell’s going on)?and cosy is what it is! and on we all play til nigh on spent we wound it down with an harmonium found?and a tune tacked on til next weeks gathering gathers round there’ll be the echoes of tunes left to resound.. entirely superbulous is what it is what it was and what it will be…

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