?hi folks and a belated happy new year to ye all….

?2007 is off to a mellow start with a bit of work on the album and the occassional gig. the mulleteers are truckin along like we’d barely had a break. the first gig back at the bollix was an enjoyable old affair as the now four piece pak…?had the?groovin Jon Sanders?playing a great show on bass with us?after only one semi rehearsal.?this allowed?Rodley to warm up on the kit as opposed to switchin between bass and drums, and dazzle one and all yet again with mind boggling afro/cuban/martian-rock?drumming feats.?Another guest on the night was a swedish freind Frederic playing soprano sax and WOW!!! what a player! with Jono and me self inter mingling on the soloing front the jamming was furious and melodic and?we all had a blast!

?the weekend just gone saw the mullet threeo head to Great barrier to play the possum lodge to a?great crowd of islanders and tourists & the like. this time guests included yet another sax man, John, and also?my jamming buddy Katie Soljak taking vocals on an old jazzy kinda number… sulubrious!! two cruisy days on the island sightseeing and soaking in the thermal pools were a highlight of the year so far…

?another project soon to be up and running as well so watch this space and as always check the gig guide for the haps and we hope to see you out there…

?? D


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