had a few questions about tunings and lyrics lately so here goes.

guitar tunings i use on various songs.. from low e to high e string. (ls) = lap steel

open c minor       – c.g.c.g.c.d#  – heart of tara, tides, europe, mary and the tragic mansion

open c                – c.g.c.g.c.e     – funk in c, shooters bar blues, the muster

open g                – d.g.d.g.b.d   – lalo’s ocean, there but for the grace (ls), spaceship blues (ls)

open g minor       – d.g.d.g.a#d – inspired, birds in vees (ls), gold miners blues (ls)

dadgad              – d.a.d.g.a.d   – dingle day, waiting, year of the know, dadgad

dadgack            – d.a.d.g.a.c   – surrounded

standard           – e.a.d.g.b.e  – goondiwindi cotton chippin tune, spain, mission improbable, etc